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Sol's Civic Minute is a weekly email newsletter that I send to my subscribers every Sunday morning at 6 am. As the tagline implies, you can scan the entire thing in under a minute to catch up on what happened in Seattle the previous week. Lots of people tell me it's the only email they get that they read in its entirety, though, so be forewarned that reading the whole thing and clicking on a bunch of the links will take you longer than a minute.  My focus is on local politics & government and other related items–the kinds of things that we all want to pay more attention to but that it's tough to take the time to stay up to date on. I spend hours each week reading all the local news I can find so that you don't have to! 

Each week's email is divided into four sections: 

Last week in Seattle gives you concise, bullet-point summaries of the 5 biggest local news stories from the previous week, along with enough context to help you understand them even if you're not familiar with a given issue.

Real estate corner is the only part of the newsletter that's directly real-estate-related, and it's also the shortest part. I include a graphic each week that you can absorb in a couple of seconds, along with brief writeups of three significant pieces of local real estate news (related to either the purchase or rental market) and a reminder to keep me in mind if you need a real estate agent. 

Miscellaneous is where I put the stories from the week that either didn't rise to the importance of the first section or can just easily be summarized in a single sentence. 

Upcoming events gives you 6 ideas for events you might want to check out in the upcoming week–each week I try to have two civic events, two arts events, and two community events. 

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