Hacked By RxR HaCkEr

Hacked By RxR HaCkEr

Posted on December 28, 2014 at 8:00 am
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12/20: SPD’s body camera pilot starts this weekend, Inslee proposes cap-and-trade & a capital gains tax, and more…







Bertha stayed in the news…and trapped underground

Governor Inslee announced his proposed budget

SPD's body camera pilot moved forward

The Seattle Housing Authority decided not to raise its rents

  • SHA is a public agency that provides long-term low-income rental housing.
  • They'd proposed dramatic rent increases for current tenants.
  • In the face of near-universal opposition, they dropped that plan Wednesday. 

Pot watch: 2014

From Wikipedia
Josh Cohen wrote a great affordable housing explainer for Crosscut on Monday that's recommended reading for anyone who's interested in issues related to housing affordability in Seattle today. As Josh says, "The availability (or scarcity) of affordable housing is literally shaping this city’s future, and to better understand this complex issue and its impact, you need to know how affordable housing is defined, why its shortage is being called a crisis and what city officials are doing to try to keep Seattle livable for everyone." This is your chance.
1. The Port slowdown is negatively impacting Washington agricultural exports.

2. King County will be rolling out a new restaurant grading system next year.

3. A Third Place Books will replace Seward Park's Columbia City-bound PCC.

4. BMW's DriveNow is looking to join the Seattle car-sharing scene next year.

5. Paseo will be back, with a new owner but the same employees & recipes.




Mexican hangover brunch

Through the end of the month, Monica Dimas from the Ethan Stowell family serves up a special menu designed to cure what ails you.

Nacho Borracho Saturdays from 12-3, Rhino Room Sundays from 11-4

An Earshot Jazz presentation, featuring a "jazz big band, vocal and instrumental soloists, gospel choir, and tap dancers" and inspired by the civil rights movement in the 60's.
12/20, 7:30 pm @ Town Hall Seattle; $14-36
Exactly what it sounds like.
12/20 & 12/21, 5:00 & 7:30 pm @ SIFF Film Center; $10-15
Perfect for anyone who's ever wanted to play around in a huge hotel room filled with teddy bears.
11am – 5pm M-Th, 10am – 7 pm Fr-Sun @ Fairmont Olympic Hotel; free
A(n Improvised) Christmas Carol

A long-running local alternative to the more traditional Christmas shows in town.

Fri-Tues, 8:30 (7:00 Sun) through 12/27 @ Unexpected Productions; $15

Because nothing says "Christmas" like a bunch of life-sized animatronic dinosaurs stomping around the Tacoma Dome.
12/20 & 12/21, multiple times @ Tacoma Dome; $20-105

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12/11: Bertha can’t shake that sinking feeling, SPD holds a hackathon, and more…









About that 1.2-inch soil settlement under the viaduct…

Next on the progressive checklist: a municipal bank?

  • The bank would hold the City's deposits and make low-interest loans. 
  • It could finance infrastructure & policy initiatives and small business loans. 
  • A state legislator has proposed a similar model for holding marijuana funds.

The interim superintendent will now be…just the superintendent

  • As expected, the School Board voted to give Larry Nyland the permanent job.
  • Community members were upset at the lack of a full public process.
  • Board members said the District couldn't take more turmoil at the top.

Washington's first charter school is off to a rocky start

  • First Place Scholars is a K-5 school that serves primarily homeless students. 
  • It was the first charter school to open under a law passed by voters in 2012.
  • It was found to be out of compliance on over a dozen different points.
  • Its principal and half its board members have resigned; its future is unclear.

Trouble in paradise for legal marijuana retailers

There's no doubt about it, housing in Seattle is expensive.




According to Zillow, rents in Seattle have increased 21% over the last 5 years, while average income has only increased 10.5%, making us the 8th most expensive rental market in America. The average Seattle renter spends just over 30% of his income on rent, as opposed to the average homeowner, who spends just over 15% on her mortgage.

Curbed Seattle crunched the purchase numbers and determined that being able to afford a median-priced $359,900 home with a 20% down payment would require an annual salary of $75,098, vs. Seattle's $65,677 median household income. The median single-family home price in Seattle is $543,500, though…which by my back-of-the-envelope math would require an income of $113,398, or nearly twice Seattle's median, using Curbed's methodology.

Image from The Stranger
1. The State began looking at replacing the gas tax with a per-mile driving tax.

2. Paseo's assets and name were sold at auction to the highest bidder.

3. A new study suggests that gentrification isn't Seattle's true problem; poverty is.

4. The Stranger has a good primer on body cameras in Seattle here..

5. …and tips from a former car thief on how to avoid having your car broken into here.


SAM Lights at Olympic Sculpture Park

On December 11, experience the sculpture park as you never have before—walk the path lit with the glow of hundreds of lights and luminarias. Make art, listen to music, sip a hot drink, grab a sweet bite, and take in the sights. 

12/11, 5:30 – 7:30 pm @ Olympic Sculpture Park; free

Harold Meyerson: Economic Prosperity through Equality

Harold Meyerson of the Washington Post and The American Prospect in conversation with David Goldstein (formerly of The Stranger), moderated by Jerry Large from The Seattle Times.

12/11, 7:30 – 8:45 pm @ Town Hall Seattle; $5

The classic 1971 version on the big screen, with "fragrant and tasty treats" from "free Wonkariffic goodie bags!"
4:30 pm 12/12, 1:30 pm 12/13 & 12/14 @ SIFF Film Center; $15
You have 60 minutes to escape the room. There is 1 hungry zombie chained to the wall. Every 5  minutes a buzzer sounds & the chain is released another foot from the wall!
Various dates @ 603 Roy St; $28
The goal of the event is to come up with methods that will balance privacy concerns with public disclosure laws where online video is concerned. [Sold out, but where there’s a will there’s a way]
12/19, 10 am – 3 pm @ SPD Headquarters; free

Join President Obama and millions of others around the world and spend an hour learning how to code courtesy of Seattle-based Code.org.
Ongoing through 12/14


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12/7: The Seaport Alliance, drop-in archery classes, and more…





More police accountability protests

Meet the new superintendent, same as the old superintendent

Jesse Jackson was in town to talk about diversity in tech

  • His visit was part of a campaign to get tech companies to release diversity stats.
  • That campaign got Amazon to release their diversity numbers in October.
  • GeekWire interviewed him about the initiative while he was here.

Seattle-Tacoma Seaport Alliance: coming soon to a regional economy near you

More trouble under Pioneer Square

The Northwest Multiple Listing Service published their monthly press release about the state of the local market on Thursday; the main theme is that prices are up and sales are down, which is typical for this time of year. Seattle Bubble has a good run-down of press coverage of the NWMLS release, including some good advice about not listening to real estate brokers about what interest rates are likely to do in the future. 
Image from Starbucks, via Capitol Hill Seattle
1. Starbucks opened "a coffee experience so large, you'll need a map" on Capitol Hill.

2. I-594's stricter gun sale background checks took effect.

3. We're poised to get a new national park and more wilderness protection this week.

4. The Harvard Exit theater is closing in January.

5. The fate of the Woodland Park Zoo's elephants is still in limbo.


"Seattle's largest indie craft show."
12/7, 10 am – 5 pm @ Seattle Center Exhibition Hall; free
"A relaxing and enjoyable alternative to the more commercial holiday gift buying experience."
12/7, 5 – 8 pm @ Ballard Odd Fellows Hall; $5
Next Fest NW 2014: New West


A contemporary dance new works festival on Capitol Hill.

12/8-12/14, various times & locations; $11 films/$18 live performances

Seattle City Club's Year in Review


A quick look back at what happened in local politics this year over lunch.


12/10, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm @ Westin Seattle; $18-55

Just what it sounds like–Thursdays at 6, equipment supplied.
12/11, 6:00 pm @ Skookum Archers Club and Range; $5
"Seattle's least predictable and best-loved flea market"; proceeds benefit the Low Income Housing Alliance.
12/13, Noon – 10 pm @ 1166 23rd Ave; $1.


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